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Develop your analytical skills in a simple, yet fun way! We are confident that our system will help you enjoy learning about data and analytics!

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Interactive Approach

Let’s face it — learning how to work with data is downright boring! Who has the patience to look at numbers and different variables? Even if you are resourceful, books, videos, and other learning materials will simply lull you to sleep! With Datamonkey, we will change the way you look at learning how to work with data! Our methods are so simple, you will actually enjoy learning.

Learn by doing!

Have you been afraid of the intricacies of SQL while working on a database? Worry no more! With Datamonkey, you will easily learn how to use SQL like an expert because you will have a hands-on experience using an SQL-like console.

Learning while Having Fun

Our system of learning is based in humor — that’s true! Why not teach a serious topic with a dash of fun? We believe that you will learn more when you are relaxed and smiling!

Improve Your CV

Data analysts are in demand now! Why prevent yourself from joining the bandwagon because of your limited knowledge about spreadsheets, data base, and other analytical tools? Just pick the field you want to become an expert of and let Datamonkey show you the way!

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It’s true — big brains are sexy! It goes beyond how you look! Learn with Datamonkey and make yourself more appealing!

Learn at No Cost

Educating oneself need not be expensive. In fact, Datamonkey can help you learn at no cost at all! Yes, it’s FREE!

Increase Your Knowledge by Playing

Datamonkey’s innovative approach to learning will simply astound you! How do you feel about learning by playing a game — isn’t that awesome?

We’ll Give You Bananas — and Teach You to Peel It Too!

Here’s the catch — we’ll give you the resources, but we’ll also help you make full use of them. Here are some important information you need to learn:


Knowledge about spreadsheets tools is awesome! You can be a great analyst if you have the skills and expertise in tables, charts, and calculation. We have the right kind of tool for you to raise your expertise level as a data analyst.


With our method of learning SQL, you will no longer be afraid of tackling huge amount of data. SQL is a convenient and powerful tool to use when working on volumes of information. Learning SQL skills will further enhance your marketability as a data analyst!

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