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Develop your SQL skills in a simple, yet fun way! We are confident that datamonkey will help make learning about data and analytics an enjoyable experience!

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Why you need this course?

Several reasons why you should know SQL:

Huge Demand on Data Analysts

Data analysts are in demand now! Why exclude yourself from joining the bandwagon because you don't have the required knowledge of SQL and databases? If you wish to become an expert just let us here at Datamonkey show you the way!

Big Brains Are Sexy

It’s true — big brains are sexy! Intellect is the biggest turn-on of all! Learn SQL with Datamonkey and make yourself more appealing! Our Course will pump your brain :) Be ready.

At Least 30% + To Your Salary

There is no secret that SQL knowledge can help you to be promoted. At present, there is a huge, unfilled, demand for employees who are able work with data. Improve your CV and find the job and the salary you deserve.

What makes this course different?

We have created an interactive SQL course for everyone. And we have several nice perks:

Interactive Approach + Game Mechanics

Learn by Doing. Do you feel intimidated by the minutiae of SQL while working on a database? Worry no more! With Datamonkey, you can easily learn how to use SQL like an expert because you will have a revolutionary new form of training at hand - No more tedious questions and memorization, you can learn by playing! It's very simple, yet very effective.

Clear Explanations

We will teach you the basics of a query language by drawing analogies with simple sentences + using clear and easy-to-understand examples.

Case Studies

The best way to learn something new is to do it. We apply the ‘learn by doing’ approach to each lesson. But we are also confident, that real cases will help you to understand the power of SQL more comprehensively.

You will learn a lot of things.

Check out what the SQL course contains.

15 lessons

Each lesson comes with different mechanics - from simple basic things - to the really complex in-console queries.

5 cases

We have prepared 5 cases to teach you how to use SQL in Data Analysis. You will be totally immersed in these scenarios - and will learn a huge range of techniques from the tasks.

SQL subqueries

Data analysis requires different methods. That's why it's necessary to use subqueries. We will review this topic.

Basic clauses and operators.

You will learn how to use general queries in several easy to follow steps. The just do it approach!

SQL Joins

We will explain in several simple lessons, using clear explanations and examples. No need to fret, you will learn by doing.

SQL functions.

How to use and apply different aggregates: from sum to max and min functions.

How to use conditions and Group By statement

If you want to work with SQL to analyze data, you should know how to use conditions, how to sort your data and how to group it. This is where we can help.

And others: union, having and different basic commands.

In order to make you feel comfortable with SQL, we will review all the basic SQL statements.

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