Learn  SQL  and  Excel  for  Data  Analysis  interactively

With concrete examples and full immersion into the work environment

Interactive lessons. Real-work environment. The learn by doing approach.


Why Datamonkey is better than standard courses

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Save your money

No boring theory

Save your time

Real case studies
Standard courses
Cost too much. More than $100 for each data science course
A lot of theory, slides and videos

Waste a lot of time while studying

Offer standard learning material

You pay for access and forget about additional costs
Only learn by doing approach. Clear explanations
The ability to learn when and where comfortable
All courses contain case studies, which will allow you to dip into the topic you studied
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No contract. One-time fee.

All plans include live support

Unlimited courses
Tracking performance
Live support
Personal adviser
Unlimited courses
Tracking performance
Live support
Personal case for you. Based on your wishes
Analysis of your training
Personal recommendations on your learning process

About founders:

Hey there! A couple of words about me: background as an analyst in FMCG and e-commerce to banking Associate. Teaching experience (Data Analysis training). Master’s Degree in math.
CEO, Datamonkey
Hello! I am an SQL professional with teacher education who was a Java/Python developer at a major gas and oil company. Now I want to share my knowledge.

CTO, Datamonkey
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