Learn SQL and Excel for Data Analysis interactively with concrete examples and full immersion into the work environment.

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What makes our courses different?

The learn-by-doing approach and Game mechanics. You will learn in an authentic work environment right in your browser. No boring lectures. Just learning by doing!

Clear Explanations. All the material is explained in simple and accessible language. You do not need to have a degree in statistics to get started on the lessons.

Case Studies. The best way to learn something new is to do it. All courses contain case studies, which will allow you to dip into the topic you studied.

Several reasons why you should learn Data Analysis:

Data Analyst – an interesting and exciting job. Trends predictions, analysis of the weaknesses of a company, full involvement in business processes.

Big Brains Are Sexy. As an analyst, you will always be engaged in work that requires full intellectual engagement. You’ll never have to be bored.

At Least 30% + In Your Salary. It is no secret that Data Analysis knowledge can help you get a promotion. Although our work can be pleasurable, we still want to earn serious money from it. Analyst - one of the highest paid professions.

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About us

We have vast experience in data analysis and developing.

Ilya: background as an analyst in FMCG and e-commerce to banking Associate. Teaching experience (Data Analysis training). Master’s Degree in math.

Leonid: Java/Python developer at a major gas and oil company, SQL professional with teacher education.


Co-founder Datamonkey, CEO


Co-founder Datamonkey, CTO