SQL for Data Aggregation

Because data is everywhere.

A brief summary

Learn how to manipulate data using various SQL queries.

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Junior Analyst path: SQL Console

  • learn how to use SQL console

Chapter 1: First steps

Lesson I

  • getting started with simple SQL queries

Lesson II

  • adding conditions to our query

Junior Analyst path: Newsletter case

  • applying our knowledge for client's segmentation

Chapter 2: Path to glory

Lesson III

  • learning how to sort rows in the table and making text search

Lesson IV

  • improve conditions by wildcards, tuples and ranges

Junior Analyst path: Bestsellers case

  • using SQL to find bestsellers

Junior Analyst path: Delivery services case

  • help company to reduce costs

Chapter 3: Mind warrior

Lesson V

  • introduction to scalar function in SQL

Lesson VI

  • learning aggregation in SQL with group by and having clauses

Chapter 4: The real battle

Lesson VII

  • applying union clause for merging separated queries

Lesson VIII

  • basics of the tables relations with inner join clause

Lesson IX

  • learning more join's types

Junior Analyst path: The thousand dollars deal

  • founding types of products, which were sold better than others this month, by means of HAVING, GROUP BY and aggregate function SUM.

Chapter 5: Magic of the subqueries

Lesson X

  • basics of the subqueries in SQL

Lesson XI

  • using subquery for dynamic price searching
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