Your boss will be shocked. Five little-known Excel tricks.
By Ilya Parshin, Dec. 22, 2014, 9:13 p.m.

1. Filling the empty cells.

Often we are faced with the necessity to fill the list. Short example of such situation:

So how to simply fill column A with the missing values?

a) select range and press F5

b) choose ‘special’

c) select ‘blanks’

d) then press ‘=’ and select A2

e) press Ctrl + enter


2. Fast random sorting list.

Nothing could be easier. Next to your list use the formula =rand()

Then drag it down and sort by our new column

3. Limitation on the range of values.

Sometimes we need to limit the the input of certain numbers. For example, the report should be without the negative numbers. To do this, you must use Data Validation.

Select the range and Data validation.

4. Using custom ranges.

Using your own ranges often simplifies the work with formulas and macros.

To make your own range, select it and give it a name:

Now you can work with it as you wish:

5. Quick adding data to your chart.

Add new data to the table. Copy range. Click on the Chart area and press Ctrl + V

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